In order to make full use of Tracument’s secure direct EFT payment and deposit features, you will need to complete a short PAD agreement. This is a bank document provided by CIBC that allows Tracument to deposit to or debit from your bank account. Fees associated with these transfers are paid by Tracument.

Download a PDF copy of this document here.

We will need the original hard copy of this document within 30 days, but you may email this completed document to our implementation team, and we will activate your account immediately.

Click here for an explanation of how to fill out this form.


  1. The document is tilted, "Pre-Authorized Debit Plan." This does not mean that your account will necessarily be debited. Tracument is always free for document providers. If all you do is provide documents, your account will never be debited. If you receive documents and pay for them by EFT, your account will be debited only by the total amount shown on the invoice from the document provider. Tracument only debits fees related to document transfers and only with your express permission for each and every transaction. Tracument’s implementation fees are invoiced separately.
  2. Tracument covers the service fee charged by financial institutions for the use of EFTs. You may be charged a transaction fee by your financial institution -- the same fee you incur each time you pay for something by cheque. This fee is determined by the type of bank account you have. Most financial institutions offer unlimited accounts that do not charge for the type of transactions you will make by using Tracument. Please speak to your financial institution for details.
  3. Tracument ensures the security of your banking information. Your information will only be used to set up your organization’s Tracument account. This PAD agreement is stored offline.
  4. The PAD asks that you indicate the type of service. Tracument is intended for professionals and businesses. In most cases, a business account is appropriate. If you intend to set up a personal Tracument account, please email us before you fill out the pre-authorized debit plan agreement.