You may be experiencing difficulty with various aspects of our program. The material below is meant to provide an overview of our service and address the most common user issues.

Please see our guide here if you have received something through Tracument for the first time.

A note on browser compatibility: Tracument is designed to be viewed in an HTML5-enabled browser. The following are accepted:

Common Issues

The one-time login screen is asking for a password (i.e. date of birth) and is telling me my password is incorrect. Ensure that the password is being entered in the correct format, in this case YYYY/MM/DD (include the slashes), and that the information you have is correct. It is possible that the password was inputted incorrectly by the sender. Contact the sender directly, as they have the ability to see what password should be used.
Documents were sent to me using Tracument, but I never received the email with the link to my invoice. Please check your spam filter and deleted items. The email will bear the sender's name (i.e. Community Medical Clinic). Contact the sender directly and ask them to send you a reminder on the invoice.
I have sent a cheque in payment of an invoice, but nothing is happening. What happens next? When we receive your cheque, we will release the invoice that day. You will receive an email with a link to your documents. You will need the same password you used to access the invoice. Document releases are generally done each weekday at the end of the day. Sometimes cheques take longer than usual to reach us. You may contact us at to enquire about the status of your payment.
My organization received an invoice or a set of documents, but it was sent to the wrong email. In some cases, the sender may have the ability to redirect the invoice to the proper email address. If you have a Tracument account, you may redirect it to any of your colleagues. If you do not have a Tracument account, you can try forwarding the email with the link, but this functionality is largely reserved for account holders.
I signed up for an account and have not been given access/cannot sign in. Tracument staff must confirm your identity before your account is setup is complete. Your account will be locked until Tracument can contact you, usually by telephone.
Your drag-and-drop upload feature has been disabled and is replaced with a browse-to-upload option. Your browser does not support HTML5. Please update your browser.
When I search for an organization in the address book, it sometimes returns duplicate results. This is a known issue. You are typing so fast that the database is being queried twice (or three times). You may select any of the copies of the organization you see and your communication will be directed properly.