One-time Login Guide


If this is the first time you have received records through the Tracument system, please take five minutes to read this guide.

What is going on?

A Tracument user has received your request for documents or records outside the Tracument system. They have initiated a standard document transfer to you by securely uploading the documents you have requested to our server with a related invoice. These documents have been placed behind a 'paywall'.

Our system has automatically sent you, their intended recipient, a link to those documents. Follow the link and you will be taken to a login page. The password has been set by the sender and will either be provided to you in a separate communication, or will be something you know already (i.e. a birth date).

Once you are logged in, you will be given a choice as to how you would like to pay for the documents and instructions on how to do so. If you do not have a Tracument account, you may pay by credit card (most invoices) or cheque. Please do not remit payment to the sender directly. You must remit payment to Tracument Solutions Inc., as Tracument has an obligation to hold the documents until you do so. Tracument will then remit payment to the sender automatically. Upon receipt of payment, you will be able to download the document(s). The link will continue to function for 120 days after payment. You will still need the password, but will be able to download the documents without paying for them again.

The sender has chosen to send the document(s) you have requested through Tracument to ensure security and to track the transaction. We collect payment on their behalf and deposit it automatically to their account, simplifying the document exchange process. If you have any questions about Tracument or how it can help your organization, please contact us (information below). We are confident that we can simplify and streamline the document transfer process for you and your organization.

What is Tracument?

Tracument is a web-based system designed for the Canadian market. It allows professionals (i.e. medical offices and lawyers) to send confidential client-patient information over the Internet while enjoying the following features:

What’s next?

After you pay for this invoice, you may wish to consider signing up for a free Tracument account. Signing up for a free Tracument account provides you with these benefits:

You may also wish to consider a paid account, which provides a large number of benefits and better service.


Tracument can be reached by email at Please mail cheques and other correspondence to:

Tracument Solutions Inc.
Unit 220, Box 35 - 1 First Street
Collingwood, ON L9Y 1A1